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Kiova Staley

Kiova Staley

Procurement, photography & styling


A Theater Arts degree in Costume Design and Construction sparked my appreciation for old-world craftsmanship and storytelling through objects. When things are built for longevity, they are built with pride and emanate beauty.  


I am in constant pursuit of items that catch my eye as if sprinkled with gold dust and intrigued by their history. I am easily seduced by Directoire casegoods and chairs on slender, stately legs, moody art, and vintage velvet.

Matthew Staley

Matthew Staley

Restoration, warehouse, shipping


I am a well-traveled history nerd, born in England and raised in Germany and across the US. Growing up abroad sparked my fascination with the stories encapsulated in historic buildings, furniture, and art.   

20 years as a professional painter and refinisher renovating and restoring homes gave me a foundation of materials, finishes, design styles, and periods. 


Today I get my hands dirty restoring and refinishing furniture, managing our warehouse and shipments, and photographing inventory.

Millie, the shop dog. A black and white Border Collie Heeler cross.


Shop dog, supervisor, emotional support

As a herding dog, I am primarily concerned with making the rounds to ensure everyone stays on task and does their jobs correctly. 


I enforce regular breaks so that my people get their fetching in and excel at getting in the way during photoshoots. 


 I enjoy tagging along for weekend-sourcing trips and afternoon naps in my fancy chair.    

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