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Mounted antlers cleverly designed to look like miniature long horns wrapped in old pawn silver sold as a set of two. One has a large rough turquoise stone and a red stone I am unable to identify. The other is mounted on a shard of flat rock, wrapped in a piece of snakeskin leather capped in silver.  


Absolutely one of a kind, they were made by a hobby jeweler who had family that ran a trading post in Benson Arizona between 1940-1960 where he got his raw materials and inspiration during annual visits. I have been reluctant to sell them because they are so unique! 


Measurements in inches: 

Turquoise horns 8" x 2.5" 

Snakeskin horns 9.75" x 5" 

Mounted Antler Art || Old Pawn Silver Turquoise Horn || Rustic

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