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Mexican Saltillo sarape blanket features a light moss or sea foam green background with vibrant, multi-colored, graduated stripes and a central rainbow medallion in reds, oranges and turquoise. Something unique to this serape from most I've seen is the alternating of wool with white cotton canvas pin stripes, as well as thick pink canvas bands. I love the warmth, quality and craftsmanship exuded from these southwestern textiles which has been compromised in newer, mass produced versions. 


Approx 1920's - 1940's


Fair vintage condition, this textile is considered 'cutter' quality because it is faded overall (more extremely on one side than the other) missing the fringe completely and has a couple thin rips, which makes it suitable for upcycling into pillows, seat covers or other projects. It also has a bit of a wavy 'puckering' overall, that is probably from the combination of wool and canvas unique to it and improper machine drying at some point. Flaws are clarified in photos. 


Measurements in inches: 86" x 38" without fringe.



Serape Saltillo Blanket | Agua Fresca | Mexican Textiles

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