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This embroidered vintage Gujarat toran door banner from India features a repeating geometric pattern of finely embroidered silk in a combination of soft, muted earthy colors and a rich, ruby red typical of the region with small mirrors throughout. Second image conveys scale and how these textiles can be layered for impact ( other torans in image are also available, sold separately). 


An item from my personal collection which is a bit more worn than some, with a rip in one corner and tack holes in the others from hanging on the wall. Base fabric is a charcoal grey, with soft mustard, nude, cream, green, plum and faded indigo floss. 


Appears to be all hand stitched. 


Dimensions in inches: 50" long x 12" tall 


Good vintage condition. Item is worn typical of age and consistent with most of the Indian wall hangings in our collection, which distinguishes them from newer, mass produced textiles made for the tourist and import markets. Most items show some discoloration, missing patches of embroidery or mirrors, makers marks and faint water stains in some cases. More structural and visual flaws like holes, rips or obvious stains will be noted. 


The majority of these textiles were hand sourced in India directly from antique merchants. They're unique patina, wear and imperfections carry a glimps into the culture and regions they resided in for decades prior, the passing of time and the dedication, labor and skill of their makers.  



Vintage Indian Toran Embroidered with Mirrors | India Textiles

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