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From Attic to Atomic Penthouse

This spring, I had the opportunity to stage and photograph a remodeled attic-turned Atomic Penthouse for Michael Hodgin of Coleman Creek Construction. It was a quick effort using a combination of Michael's furniture and Gold Dust Goods inventory. His design inspiration was this 1947 Nudgy pinball machine, which he pulled colors from throughout the remodeling project. The pinball machine is the first view coming up the stairs from the front door.

From the kitchen, looking down at the front entrance, the bright lighting creates the illusion of floating cubbies—a happy accident! Above the bar caddy is an original 1950s British Transit Sign from Gold Dust Goods. We have an extensive collection of these vintage bus rout signs for sale.

The perfect reading nook. Michael had some personal items he wanted to be incorporated into this project, like the photo on the wall of his great-grandparents. I love the personal history it adds to an otherwise mod space.

(Arc lamp, side table, bookends from Gold Dust Goods).

The bedroom gets the best light in the penthouse. The flooring is another riff off the pinball palette. Initially, I thought the bold and varied colors would be tricky to work with, but they allowed me to have a looser, more playful approach to styling.

(Industrial blue standing lamp, Thonet chair by Anton Lorenz, and Neils Moller Danish Footstool from Gold Dust Goods).

View from the bedroom looking out. The bathroom barn door is likely salvaged from another construction project. The juxtaposition of its aged wood gliding smoothly along a royal blue powder-coated rail is another bold choice.

Small bathrooms are tricky to photograph, but his floor-to-ceiling tile choice--so fun! It pulls in the lime green bedroom flooring and blue barn door rail flawlessly.

Michael’s epic Fiesta Ware collection and a bright orange Smeg fridge contributed to more fun and colorful styling in the kitchen! Antique corbels support a stainless steel shelf for more industrial-rustic vibes.

(Original oil painting from Gold Dust Goods).

The stairway to pinball paradise is paved in yellow vinyl and chrome kickplates. It's a sure sign that you've arrived at the Atomic Penthouse, and your future's looking bright. What a welcome! Michael's pinball machine inspiration to design this space is proof that anything can be a starting point for designing a room, a storefront, or an entire house.

Styling and capturing this project was a fun challenge that led to photographing several larger finished projects for Coleman Creek Construction and Julie O Design over a few years, which expanded my skills and appreciation for remodeling and interior design exponentially. It was an exciting chapter and unexpected evolution of Gold Dust Goods. What's next?


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