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Casa Midy: A Home Rich in Story

The talented couple Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada design furniture with eclectic influences and showcase it in the unique homes they've designed together, one being Casa Midy in San Miguel de Allende which I had the pleasure of touring.

{DISCLAIMER: These images were captured on an old iPhone during a spontaneous home tour. The home's charm and enchanting aesthetic translate despite the image quality.}

The bright foyer reveals quickly upon entry that we have landed somewhere special, where an eclectic mix of old-world traditional and cheeky hipster reigns supreme. Bright cool blues in a Casamidy Bokkusu Metal Sofa and complimentary textiles create an enticing reading lounge.

Casa Midy has a meandering layout. This hallway stores cooking essentials outside the combined kitchen dining area in custom-fitted cabinets made of reclaimed materials that lend a rustic, cottage vibe. They are a preview of what's to come for new visitors.

Stepping into the kitchen solidifies a love of pattern and bold experimentation, where fresh greens tie it all together. The backsplash is an aged, reflective mirror, and the beautiful ceramic floor tiles are typical of the San Miguel area.

One entire dining area wall opens to a courtyard that does not disappoint, with plenty of Casamidy lounging options for afternoon siestas, casual eating areas, and a stone fireplace for long evening conversations. The Delphine Tres Metal Sofa and two Louis XIV Waxed Canvas Armchairs are Pictured here.

The preview tradition continues in this stairway, with this glimpse of what's to come, passing by these paper mache stars that somebody might have carried through the Jardín Allende in one of San Miguel's colorful parades that celebrate the people and history of this vibrant city. Its large scale in this narrow passageway is such a delight!

As promised, the paper mache stars lead us somewhere magical, with their triangles carried onto the ceiling of the children's room. Primary colors paired with traditional pinstriped upholstery on a set of antique bucket chairs, it's as if we've stumbled into a circus tent. What a place to nurture the wonder and imagination of a child!

And still, we remain rooted in history and tradition, with clay tile floors and the warmth of natural wood intentionally left worn and unfinished. These can be tricky elements to combine, but the juxtaposition of earthy and bright is refreshing and dynamically balanced here.

The sitting room has an air of relaxed sophistication, with collected antiques and curiosities that convey a life well-traveled and a reverence for history, handcrafted objects, and architectural design. Casamidy furnishings include two SPV Armchairs, an Indochine Daybed, and AM Nesting Tables.

Plenty of casual elements keep it anything but stuffy; bright bohemian woven rugs, patio furniture, pillow-packed daybeds, and wispy curtains. The broad eclecticism of this space is precisely what I love about it. Also, the aptly named green Tequila Cabinet peeking out of the lower right corner.

Same room, opposite side. Anyone who takes inspiration from nature and immortalizes it in sculpture has my attention. That gold leaf mesquite branch, framed under a metal and leather Display Coffee Table, is expanded in Casamidy's Hiver Consoles. The scalloped, recessed shelves are typical of San Miguel's Spanish Baroque architecture.

Take a stroll down any street in San Miguel, and you'll likely pass by an artist's studio full of bold contemporary art like that crinkled black acrylic on the wall. The Tuerca Occasional Table is another Casamidy sculptural feat, composed of gold foil welded nuts with a glass top.

A small guest bedroom is not overlooked and feels inspired by rural cottage life somewhere in France or Italy's picturesque wine country, with the weathered beams and fresco painting above. It’s a little quieter and more traditional than the other rooms, which I imagine the Grandparents appreciate. That said, the SMA Headboard in Antique Silver lends a modern touch.

Here the adjoining bathroom reinforces a European Countryside flavor infused with modern comfort like this casual Serifos Club Chair.

Same bathroom, different angle. I was taken with the division of space and thoughtful appointment of art and objects in a room where basic function often overrides design, like that bright red chinoiserie room divider.

The antique apothecary bottles atop a rustic wood pedestal relate to the large mural of farm life behind the double vanities as if plucked from a farmhouse nestled in the corn field of said painting.

Moving to the primary bedroom, the unique furnishings and wow factors continue. The bed is flanked with minimal Ixelles Cafe Tables, and a large rustic hutch displays collected objects of all origins, inviting the imagination to wander.

The juxtaposition of industrial Ixelles Wing Chairs with a caned settee and a glam fringed Collier End Table keeps the eye moving, while the traditional red tile floor connects this proudly eclectic grouping. A Collier 42 Coffee Table peeks out from the center of the seating.

If this mix of traditional elements and eclectic, modern design pulls at your heartstrings as it did mine, I recommend picking up this coffee table book, The Artisanal Home. You'll recognize Casa Midy as just one of eight striking homes the design duo has completed in places as diverse as Paris, Brussels, and Mexico.


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